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Training: Myths and Principals

Current conventional wisdom says that weight training is a key component of health and fitness, especially when combined with aerobics and good nutrition.  Fitness is a lifestyle.  Where weight training is concerned thediligent parent needs to understand what works and what doesn’t. 

It was long believed that children should stay away from weights entirely. This is certainly safe, but always children and teens must have a friend or partner with them, since there are indeed inherent risks in lifting weights.  Avoidance of those risks is easy once people grasp the simple principles involved relative to children and resistance training.  Children need strength, flexibility and a healthy metabolism which weight lifting provides.  

For teenagers, weight lifting becomes a viable form of fitness, especially when training for a sport or when combined with a healthy diet and aerobics. The key is to use light weights and high repetitions. The strongest of teens should never try to lift anything more than half of their body weight or go beyond their whole body weight in the bench press.  They must lift with proper form and technique, allow professional trainers to introduce the teen to the weight room.

Weight lifting for girls and women results in a faster metabolism that leads to a lean, shapely body, and easier weight management. Experts now say that weight training is perhaps the most important element of a diet and fitness regimen undertaken for the purpose of losing weight.  Weight  lifting aslo helps to stave off the loss of bone density and osteoporesis. 

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