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Investing: The Newest Old Fad

Investments are nothing new to the world of finance. It is an idea that has brought many people millions of dollars over the years. Done properly, investing can be the missing link to your financial future.

Even if you do not know much about the stock market, you must know that it has the potential to turn your money around.  As with anything there are risks.  Looking back in time, stocks have been the number one money maker out of all other investment options. With an annual average gain of 10.6 percent, the stock market is great for long-term planning. For those looking for the short-term, you may want to look somewhere else. There are those days when the stock market has its problems which, in turn, could lead you to lose an overwhelming portion of your money. If stocks are in your sight, a stock broker can be extremely beneficial to you.

Unfortunately, the riskier the investment, the more it usually pays off.  If the stock market is a game you want to play, keep all other variables in mind, as well. Interest rates, the economy, and earnings growth all come into play while you are trying to make a profit.

A more solid way to invest is in bonds. Bonds also fluctuate in projected profit due to interest rates.  You can enter into bond buying as a way to make money in the future, by holding them until they mature, or purely as speculation. This speculation comes when buying a bond while interest rates and the bond prices are up.  No matter what your reason for buying a bond, you can be guaranteed that at some point it will definitely be worth more than it is now.

There are many other ways of investing your money other than bonds and the stock market. Some prefer mutual funds as a way to be profitable.  A mutual fund is an account run by a manager that consists of a pool of money from many investors. The idea is that with all the pooled money, there will be less chance of going into the red because the money will be spread around to many potential profitable making investments. There are many types of mutual funds.  Here is the basic list:

  • Bond funds
  • Index funds
  • Growth funds
  • Value funds
  • Sector funds
  • International funds

Inflation plays a large role in any investment you make.  Be wise about your investments and always protect yourself for the future. As the old saying goes, only gamble what you can afford to lose. 

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