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Keys to Happiness

If you are like many people, you may often wonder what the keys are to true happiness. Why is it your neighbor always seems to be happy when you feel like life is a perpetual struggle?

Everyone has access to the keys of happiness; they just simply need to know what those keys are in order to grab hold of them and use them to achieve the happy life that they seek.

Accept Yourself For Who You Are: Be happy with who you are. If you love yourself, you are more likely to accept who you are and be happy with it. Sure, everyone has something about themselves they would like to change. Maybe they want to lose weight, be more focused, or be more outgoing. When this becomes a downfall is when you hold off on approving of yourself until you achieve those goals. Be happy with who you are first, and then work toward these goals in order to enhance that happiness. These are great goals, but are they really necessary in order to accept and be happy with whom you are?

Peace: When we are at peace, we have a far easier time achieving happiness. Making peace with yourself can help you achieve happiness. Whatever you have in your life that is creating inner turmoil should be addressed, and resolved. For example, if you have feelings of guilt for not spending as much time with your children as you feel you should, this can lead to inner conflict. Again, accepting who you are is important. Accept that you have done the best you can and resolve to do better in the future, but don’t beat yourself up about it.

Live for Today: Too often we find ourselves dwelling on the past or obsessing about the future, while today slips away from us. You will find far more happiness in remembering yesterday as you would a lesson; spend far less time worrying about tomorrow, while you enjoy what life has to offer you today. Remember, yesterday is gone, tomorrow will take care of itself, but the time we let slip from us today can never be replaced. Why not get off work a bit early and go to your daughter’s school play? Take that trip to Hawaii this year instead of someday. Enjoy the sunset tonight and smile about the positive things that happened to you today.

Don’t Try and Keep Up With The Jones: You are a unique person; therefore your life is going to be different than other people’s lives. It is unreasonable to think that you can live exactly like others do. When you compare yourself or your life with those around you, it can give you a feeling of being far inferior to others, when this is not true. You may even be better off than others, but does that really make you better? Be unique and enjoy the gifts you do have instead of worrying about what others have.

Forgiveness: Forgiveness and not holding grudges are very important to long-term happiness. This includes forgiving yourself. If you hold a grudge against your neighbor, coworker or whoever, whenever you see that person or come across something that reminds you of them, you will be hit with negative feelings. Let go of all that and forgive them, and the negative feelings will leave you alone. This also goes for self-guilt. Forgive yourself for whatever is causing you guilt. This guilt only keeps you from being happy.

Know That Money and Happiness Can Go Together: Contrary to what we have been told our whole lives; money is not the root of evil. It is not money that creates evil, but people. You can be a good person and still have money. Financial comfort will help you to be happy, as it will mean fewer struggles to survive. All you have to do is believe that you have a right to happiness and you will find that achieving financial security comes much easier.

Know You Can Achieve Whatever You Want: This is a little known fact, but anyone can be successful at whatever they want. The secret is in knowing that if you really apply yourself, you cannot fail. Reach for the stars and know you will get there. You will be happy with the process instead of dreading it.

These are the basic concepts of the keys to happiness. There are some others, but the above is a very good start to finding true and lasting happiness. Remember, happiness isn’t just for the fortunate; anyone can use the keys of happiness.

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