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What is Intuition?

Intuition is usually accepted as meaning "to know something without conscious reasoning." When using your intuition you may simply know something is right or wrong without any prior education. Intuition is commonly referred to as a “gut feeling”, a knowledge that comes from deep down inside the subconscious without apparent foreknowledge of the situation.

Have you ever experienced intuition? Some good examples of your intuition at work is when you are preparing to leave your house for a trip to the local grocery store and something keeps you from stepping out the door. You have your coat on, but some distressing feeling is keeping you from actually leaving. Or perhaps the phone rings suddenly and it is your child’s school informing you that your son or daughter is sick and you must come and get them as soon as possible. Was this just coincidence, or was it your intuition that just knew that for some reason you had to be home to get that phone call?

Another example of intuition could be that you are driving home from work and out of nowhere you decide not to take your normal route. You experience some unidentifiable uneasiness that you are associating with your normal route home. Later, when you reach your house, you discover that there was a terrible accident on the very road you would have been driving on if you hadn’t have broken your usual routine. Some might actually call this a form of psychic ability, but it is not so much psychic as an instinct. Most people have flashes of intuition at some point in their lives. Some may have it more than others, but nearly everyone has had some experience with it. Most people tend to ignore these little feelings, and might even forget that they had a bad feeling about a certain situation before something did happen, but the more you do adhere to your intuition, the more frequent these little nagging feelings seem to pop up and help you make decisions. Recognizing and listening to these “gut feelings” can do a great deal to help you through life. Intuition is usually correct but some people can confuse the feeling with fear. If you have a flash of intuition, consider if what you are feeling is a fear, or real intuition. If you don’t normally fear a certain situation, but find that something is telling you not to do it, this is a good sign that what you are feeling is intuition.

Intuition can also help you with positive aspects of your life. If you are not one to normally buy lottery tickets but suddenly have the urge while you are at your local convenience store to pick up a few, this is your intuition telling you something. Maybe you’ll win, maybe you won’t, but it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot if your feelings are saying it is a good thing to do. Once you learn to recognize and listen to your intuition, it can be one of the most valuable decision making tools at your disposal.

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