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Follow Your Bliss

To follow your bliss means to go after your dreams and what will ultimately make you happy. When we think of bliss, we think of complete happiness and this is really what most people want from life. How we reach that happiness and what it is that will bring that happiness is what differs from person to person. It is a sad reality that many people never find the courage or ambition to follow their dreams. Thirty years ago, how many children do you think were dreaming of being garbage collectors, gas station attendants or waitresses? Probably very few, and it is not that these people did not have any dreams or ambitions; they just did not follow their dreams to happiness. To follow your bliss, or what will make you happy. it will take more than just knowing what that is. Knowing what your life dream is does not automatically mean that the path you must follow in order to reach that dream will suddenly show up out of nowhere, and all you have to do is follow it to reach what it is you want to achieve.

When you follow a dream it means taking action. There are many ways to reach that blissful state of true happiness, but it is up to you to discover the best path for you to reach that destination. Once you know what your ultimate dream of true happiness is, you will need to create a plan to reach that goal. When you sit down and write down what your blissfully happy state requires to become reality, you have suddenly created goals and goals are something you can work towards. You have just turned a hazy dream of blissful happiness into actual goals that you can achieve. Now that you have a good idea of the path you must take to reach your bliss, you can take action. Tackle one goal at a time and work toward that life of happiness. Know in your heart that you will accomplish anything you set out to do, and you will suddenly find that your dreams are coming true right before your eyes.

If your state of bliss involves a fulfilling career in a particular field, your first step might be to enroll in an academic program in that field. At this point you will have to separate your goal into smaller goals that include doing well in each class and on each assignment. Before you know it, you will have finished your education and be on the next phase of making your dreams come true. All this began with simply knowing what your dreams are, deciding you are going to follow those dreams and then turning them into goals. Don’t let your dreams of blissful happiness slip away from you. You don’t have to settle for what is going to help you survive in life; you can have what is going to make you happy, but first you must have the ambition and courage to chase your dreams.

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