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Changing the Way You Think

Are you unsatisfied with your life, but feel you have reached a dead end, with no place left to go? You may find that you can open new roads by simply changing the way you think.  It is often how a person perceives life, as well as the people and things around their that cause the road to become blocked.

The following exercise can help you change the way you think and discover the many roads still open to you in your life. Imagine that you are in a dead end job and dread going to work everyday. This is hardly a situation to bring you fulfillment and happiness but that is your life.

Do you:

  • Stay with the job because you have been with the company several years and don't have the energy to start over again?
  • Walk into work tomorrow and tell them you quit?
  • Go home and accept your life of unemployment and dissatisfaction
  • Decide what it is you really want out of life and go for it, even if this means quitting your job, going back to school or taking a cut in pay?

Understand that if you believe in yourself and your own ability, there is almost nothing that you can't accomplish. No amount of success can be achieved without some risk. Risk is almost a necessary part of success.

Change the way you think about risk, and you will very likely change the very fabric of your life. Fear of risk is really fear of painful outcomes. You may fear quitting that dead end job because you will risk losing everything you have, and will have to start over again.

Will this happen? It is certainly a possibility, but if you plan ahead, you can reduce that risk, if not entirely eliminate it.  You have to find another job and start over.  That is a small risk compared to the possible benefit of achieving success.

Changing the way you think in this scenario has just opened up numerous avenues of opportunity for you.

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