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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is normally thought of as a New Age belief but it is a concept that is centuries old. The basic concept of the Law of Attraction is that each person can control their own realities by the ways in which they think and act. The foundation of this belief is that positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. In theory, one can simply think of what it is that they want, and it becomes reality.

Of course for most people this theory is much too good to even begin to be true; after all, if it were true why is there so much suffering in the world? Though the very basics of this belief do hold some truth, most reasonable people would understand that the Law of Attraction does not necessarily mean that you can simply think that you want someone to give you a million dollars, and it will suddenly manifest itself for you.

Envisioning what you want, as well as always keeping a positive and upbeat attitude about your goal does work to attract positive influences. In turn, this helps you reach that goal. What is actually happening when you approach your goal in this way is that you are not allowing negative thoughts to block you from reaching out for what you want. You can set out to do just about anything that you set your heart to, but it does take belief in yourself to do this. It has little to do with certain beliefs that some force in the universe sends these wishes to you, it has to do with hard work, and a clearly defined goal, along with the certainty that you can achieve that goal.

This works exactly the same for the negative side of the Law of Attraction as well. If you are constantly negative and thinking negative thoughts, it would be nearly impossible to be happy and accomplish those things you would like to. For example, you want to become wealthy and live a happy life. This can't and won't happen overnight, it takes setting goals and working toward those goals. If you are constantly looking at this as an especially hard task that is nearly impossible to take on, let alone complete, you will be limiting yourself.

If you truly believe that something is impossible, why would you believe you could go out and do it? You won't have the drive and ambition to do this at all. So, in a very basic sense, these negative thoughts did bring negativity into your life.

The Law of Attraction can and will work to better your life, but maybe not in the way you may have thought. No amount of wishing something into existence will cause it to simply appear, but a positive outlook can absolutely create a clear path for you to achieve what you wish for.

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