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The Nature of Reality

The nature of reality is one of the deepest and most controversial subjects known to mankind. Everyone has an opinion on what the true nature of reality is, from those who follow philosophy to those who prefer quantum physics. There are so many theories to this question that it would be impossible to cover them all, but for this discussion we will look at the nature of reality as perceived reality.

Perceived reality is reality the way it is seen by the observer. One person may see reality in an entirely different way than the next person. In perceived reality, a person is able to create his or her own reality. In this respect, reality would be constantly changing.

For example, you bring home a new puppy and your spouse looks at it and groans. The reality that they are seeing is that you have brought home a problem; a straggly looking mutt that will tear up the house and back yard, on top of being an extra cost to the household. For them you have just introduced a problem into their reality.

When you look at the puppy, you see a cute, cuddly baby that will grow up to be a loved family Member, a welcome addition to the household. Maybe there will be a little problem here and there, but hey, the kids were a bit of a problem too when they were babies. For you, the reality of the situation is entirely different. In your reality, you have found a new friend, but in your spouse's reality you have introduced a burden or problem. The way each of you is looking at the situation is what is creating your own individual realities.

Looking at this very same concept, could we not create the reality we want in every aspect of our lives? The answer is yes, this is entirely possible; you can create or change your reality by simply changing the way you perceive a situation.

If your spouse looked more closely at the positive aspects of a new puppy, the negative would probably not seem quite as important. They would have changed the way they perceived reality and how they felt about the situation.

Try it for yourself. Is there a part of your reality that you would like to change? Maybe you want to be thinner and more attractive, or you simply dislike your neighbor and believe he is just out to get you. To change this reality, change the way you look at these things. Know that you are already attractive and you will suddenly start seeing a more attractive you in the mirror, in addition, you will be encouraged to improve on that image even more. Smile at your neighbor and look at him as simply someone who is nice but having a bad day. You'll be surprised at how fast the resentment against your neighbor begins to fade. In fact, your change in attitude may even change his.

Changing your reality is easy if you learn how to recognize the way you perceive reality.

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