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Recognizing the Positive in Your Life

There are very few people in this world, if any, who don't have at least some positive things in their lives. Recognizing the positive is not always easy, especially when you are going through a particularly bad spell, but those positives are still there even if we can't see them.

The reason it is important to see the positive in your life is that you can easily begin to build on that positive if you know its there. Life can throw all types of circumstances at you, good and bad. It is how we handle those things that make the real difference in our lives.

Bad things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people, all the time. Realize this and don't be surprised when it happens, but don't dwell on it either. Know that no matter how bad things get, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is lit by the positive in your life.

One example could be entering into the holiday season with absolutely no extra money at all. This can really bring on some negative feelings if you let it, but the better alternative is to remember two things. One, you may not have money but you have many other gifts that are even greater, the second thing to remember is, there is always a solution to every problem.

Not having the money to get your loved ones what you would like is really not the end of the world. You have loved ones and close friends, that's the positive and that is what is really important.

Another example could be that your son has just wrecked your brand new car. Dealing with the insurance company is going to be a real hassle, along with the rental car and finding another automobile, but your son is alive and unhurt. No one else was hurt either. These two things are magnificent blessings that completely dwarf the problem of the wrecked car.

You have spent the last ten years devoting yourself to a company that has just laid you off. Now what? Well you have always been good with colors and design, why not go back to school and learn fashion design or interior design like you wanted to when you were younger. Do you see how there is some hint of positive in all of these cases?

There is a positive somewhere in the negative. Of course there are life changing and devastating events that do occur, like the death of a loved one. And there is no doubt that it would be extremely difficult to find a positive in that scenario, but there is still the love there buried beneath all the tears. Love is a positive.

Whatever bad thing is happening in your life, search closely for the positive that is hiding in the situation somewhere.

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