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Live in the Solution, Not in the Problem

What exactly does it mean to live in the solution and not the problem? The answer is really very simple. Dwelling on your problems will not help you solve those problems, but if you concentrate on the solution you will far more easily find your way out of your problems.

It is a fact that if you let worry and stress get to you, it will be so much more difficult to solve your problems than if you let go of that worry and focus only on the solution. It is also a fact of life that everyone will have problems; there simply is no way around that. But you don't have to let that fact get the best of you, all you have to do is live in the solution instead of the problem.

Here are some practical tips to help you focus on solutions as opposed to dwelling on your problems.

  • Accept that there is a problem. Once you accept that there is a problem and there is simply no way to go back in time and change what led to the problem, you can easily begin focusing on a solution instead of the problem itself. It's already there so you don't have to worry about it. Instead, look for a solution. Don't feed the problem by dwelling on it, that energy can be far more useful in looking for and applying a solution.
  • Look at several possible solutions. When you have several possible solutions to your problem, you will not feel quite as much pressure to be right the first time. Have several options available and pick the best one, but don't worry, you have a few backup plans if the first one doesn't work. The point here is that you are putting your energy into a solution and not the problem.
  • Failure really is just a word. Understand this and you will not fear it half as much. After all, it is really yourself that defines what success and failure actually is. Moving forward to the solution without fear of failure will help you reach that solution. Yet, if you let your problems and fear of failure overshadow your efforts, your way will be blocked with self-made obstacles.

For example, you have just lost your job after spending your life savings on a new home that will likely be foreclosed on soon, unless your fairy godmother sends some pixy dust your way, what can you do? It's easy to see how this scenario could paralyze you with fear until you literally would not see a solution if you tripped over it, but that would be a huge mistake. The better choice would be to realize the problem exists, but put it aside and head out to change the probable outcome.

In reality you are your own fairy godmother. So, head out and find a better job: you will find one. You may even get a sign on bonus that will help you take care of your mortgage. If not, remember there is always another solution and it does not reside in the problem.

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