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Stepping Away From the Shadows of Doubt

Doubt can cast its shadow over your life with destructive results if you let it. Have you always had a particular dream, something you would like to do with your life or experience, but have just never got around to doing it? If so, why exactly haven't you gotten around to doing it? Perhaps doubt has played a part in your delay.

It can be very difficult to believe in yourself and your ability to reach out and grab what you want out of life. Just because you have those dark moments of self-doubt doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with you, or that you can't achieve your dream. Epsiodes of self-doubt happen to everyone. It is the ability to step away from that shadow of doubt that will make the real difference in your life.

If doubt begins to overshadow your progress on your way to your dreams, reach out for support from friends and loved ones. It is important that you know which people will be supportive of your goals and which people won't. You may have some great friends who simply believe that you are making a mistake. In that case, these friends are not the best people to turn to for support because they will likely give you numerous reasons as to why you would be better off abandoning your dream. It's not that they are trying to ruin your life; it is that they truly believe that they are trying to help to keep you from making mistakes. Though they mean well, this is not what you want to hear. Chances are you are already aware of how these people feel and have taken note of their concerns. You don't need to hear them again, especially when you are having feelings of doubt. Instead, talk to someone who will bring you encouragement.

Another way to help you overcome doubt is to ignore the stakes in the outcome of what it is you are trying to do. Think to yourself that it's just an activity to keep you busy and success and failure really doesn't matter. You will suddenly find that you are so busy, and you have accomplished so much, that the doubt is no longer a problem.

Most importantly, the way to step away from the shadow of doubt is to believe in your ability to do whatever you want to do. Don't just hope you will be successful, know that you will. The more self-confidence you build, the less you will feel those nagging doubts.

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