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Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

It is truly astonishing how many people let fear interfere with life. Fears can stop a person from doing things that they may really enjoy, but even worse, fear can prevent some people from accomplishing day to day activities. To overcome fear a person must first identify the fear and then learn to deal with the fear in a productive manner.
Some fears are natural, and a part of the instinct for survival. Other fears are a type of short circuit in the emotional response to a perceived threat. Fear is something that people feel when faced with a situation that they are unsure of, especially if there is the perception that the outcome of the situation is likely to cause harm in some way
To recognize an irrational fear, it is important to look at exactly what feared. Maybe it is fear to drive on the freeway during rush hour traffic. Why is this feared?
People likely have a combination of fears that lead to being afraid to drive in traffic. Fearing that they may have an accident and lose people their life is probably the main fear. Maybe they fear that an accident may also cause financial strife due to the loss of their vehicle and other consequences associated with auto accidents. Possibly they fear hurting another person.
The fear could be associated with someone else making a mistake and causing these problems or their making a mistake and causing the problems.
Fear of the consequences associated with an auto accident are genuine fears, but when considering the odds of this actually happening, are they sufficient to cause a person to fear the situation to the extent that they will not participate in it?
Recognize what it is you fear about a situation; put the fear into a logical context. What are the chances of the situation that you fear actually happening? Work through this in your own mind and weigh it with the benefits of participating in the activity that you fear; do the benefits outweigh the actual risk? Once you identify what it is you fear, you may see that much of this fear is not logical and the risk factors do not outweigh the benefits.
One of the best means to conquer fears is to let yourself feel these fears, but go ahead into whatever it is you do fear. After doing this time and again without the feared result occurring, you may soon find that you no longer fear whatever consequence once terrified you.
Some fears are legitimate and it is your mind’s way of telling you that the consequence will be worse that the benefits. Walking through a pit of poisonous snakes, for example, is a legitimate fear that is likely to cause death.
On the other hand, fear of flying, is actually a fear of death as a result of the plane crashing. Chances of this actually happening are slim. Fear of buying a new house can usually be determined to be a fear of financial hardship. Those fears that are truly not a real threat to your life or existence can be dealt with and conquered.

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