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Making Order Out of Havoc

It is amazing how great we feel when our lives are running in a smooth, orderly manner and how scattered, irritable and stressed out we feel when our lives are in disarray. When you realize how being disorganized can influence your emotional and mental wellbeing, it becomes clear why you should make some effort to bring order to your life.

This goes for just about any area of your life, from your home to work and even your personal relationships. When everything's in order, we feel more secure and much less stress. In addition to reducing stress, bringing order to our lives may also give us more time for doing the things you really want to be doing.

To make order out of havoc, start with the very basics first; decide what it is you want out of life. Do you want happiness, contentment or adventure? Decide what you must do to achieve those things. Once you have done all this, set your course to do all that you have decided you want to do.

Write it down in a personal mission statement if you'd like. This will help you to keep in mind exactly what your base goals are. Once you have brought some order to the base areas of your life, you can also do the same thing for work and home. At work, decide what it is you have to get done, and make a schedule, putting the most important things first. Stick to this schedule without adding to it if you can help it. Make up your schedule week by week. At home, you can do the same thing. What needs to be done at home and in your personal relationships to ensure that life runs smoothly for you and your family? Again, write a personal mission statement about what it is you would like to achieve and how you will get there. Make up a schedule of what needs to be done and set your course. Do you want to finish your basement, have your family sit down to at least a couple meals a week together, get all your weekly chores done? All of this can happen and with little trouble if you organize efficiently. Ration your time to certain tasks each day, and schedule in those things you would like to do, such as the family dinner and spending a few hours weekly on finishing your basement, etc. Make a schedule and stick to it.

This is much easier than it sounds because others attempt (without knowing) to throw you off schedule. For example, let's say that your neighbor asks you to take their place at a local event that they previously made a commitment to and suddenly found they can't do it. You might politely decline; afterall, it wasn't your commitment and if you don't have time for it, you should not commit to it. Of course, if you do have time for it and you would enjoy doing it, then you might help out. But don't do it just out of your sense of being nice.

Organize your time and tasks in all areas of your life and you will find that everything will run so much smoother and you'll be less stressed as well.

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