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Time Management Action Items 41-60

  1. Always carry a book or something to read with you. That way you're never caught standing idle in a line or traffic.
  2. Before you do anything, think twice about how and why you're doing it.
  3. Install filters on your email so that specific email automatically filters out of your inbox.
  4. Check email just three times a day. Otherwise, you could waste all day reading email.
  5. Set aside time when you don't accept phone calls. It's difficult to concentrate with all the interruptions.
  6. Keep a clipboard or notepad in every room of your home or office. When an idea hits, you can write it down no matter where you are. It clears your mind so you can think about other things just knowing that the idea has been recorded.
  7. Delegate work to others that is time-consuming and that you don't like to do. Teenagers have been more than happy to earn extra money doing some of these tasks.
  8. Use the Internet to communicate. It saves time to post things for review and comment online rather than to schedule an in-person meeting.
  9. Use an accounting program such as Quicken® or Quickbooks® to keep your finances up to date. Once you have the program set up, it automatically keeps track of your account balances, overdue invoices, bills for you to pay, etc.
  10. Use a messenger service instead of driving across town. It's more cost-effective than you might think.
  11. Determine what one thing you're avoiding, and start it.
  12. When working on a project, turn off the phone. Let the answering machine/voice mail get your calls so you can stay focused.
  13. Learn all of the nuances of the software you're using. For instance, if you're using Microsoft products, are you using macros (stored keystrokes for repetitive procedures) or rules for your email in Outlook? Investing the time to set them up will save you time.
  14. Listen to personal development audios/CDs in your car or while you work out. Note: Videos are better while working out you can pay more attention to them if you're working out at home.
  15. Print out email you want to read and keep in a folder that goes with you. You never know when you'll have down-time or wait-time to read it.
  16. From Ken Blanchard: Don't let your associate put the monkey on your shoulders; keep it on theirs. Teach people how to solve their own problems so they don't become yours and waste your time.
  17. Use a kitchen timer. Time it for a set time, then work on your project. Even if you're not finished when the bell rings, you can feel good because you've gotten a good start.
  18. Solve your problems before you spend time on opportunities. This requires that you know the difference between the two, because they're not the same thing. If you focus on opportunities in the first instance, your success may be short-lived, whereas if you squarely face up to your problems and resolve them, your success will be sustainable.
  19. Prepare several meals on Sunday afternoon, freezing portions of them for later use. You'll spend very little time in meal preparation during the work week.
  20. Deal with bills as soon as they come in. Thanks to Internet-accessible checking accounts, you can now "prepay" many bills as soon as you receive them. When the bill is paid, you get an electronic notification and confirmation number by email from the bank.

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