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Time Management Action Items 81-100

  1. Delegate, delegate, delegate!
  2. Donate, sell, give away or recycle anything you haven't used in a year. Then do the same six months later to anything you haven't used since then. Be ruthless! Unneeded items get in your way and take up your time in many - often hidden - ways.
  3. Cut down the information inflow and limit it to a manageable amount.
  4. Instead of calling or going to a co-worker's office to give them a message, email it. Then you have it on file that it was delivered, and you don't have to spend time walking to their office.
  5. Group your trips. Example: If you have copies to make and a file to deliver to a co-worker whose office is right next to the copy machine room, take your copies to make and the file at the same time.
  6. Organize your things to begin with and then put them back after you're finished using them. You'll know exactly where to find them when you need them again and won't waste your time searching.
  7. Make a list before you start out to do errands so you'll remember to make all stops and not have to backtrack or go out again.
  8. When cooking, make larger quantities, and freeze the extras for later use.
  9. Break down extra large tasks into smaller parts so you won't tire of the project and leave it unfinished.
  10. Establish a post office box. You can open, sort and discard all your mail at the post office and don't need to bring it to your office. You can't imagine the time you can save, the space you can save in your office and how effective it is not to have to handle mail more than once.
  11. Anytime you're stuck waiting in line, get out a pen and small pad of paper and do a "brain dump" of all those little things that float around your mind (like the item you need from the drug store or the note you want to send to a friend or the one thing you want to remember to tell your spouse about). It's amazing the freedom you'll gain from simply writing things down, not to mention how much easier it will be to accomplish the tasks!
  12. Don't just list the things you want to do schedule them! Block out the time to accomplish the most important things by treating them like an appointment. You'll find that you'll get more of your priority items done.
  13. Keep a handheld tape recorder in your car to take notes as they occur to you. Transcribe the notes when you return home or to the office.
  14. Get adequate rest. Vince Lombardi, the great football coach, said, "Fatigue makes cowards of us all". We can't be efficient or effective if we're overtired.
  15. Know what your three most important goals are at all times. When you're clear on your three primary objectives, you make better decisions, you're more focused and you manage your time better.
  16. Stay healthy. By properly fueling our bodies by eating and drinking right, we are sick less often and have more energy to accomplish what we want to accomplish. Getting sick is a terrible waste of time.
  17. Ask the "point question". The point question cuts through the preamble and drapery talk and gets to the point. "Thanks for stopping by, Fred. What can I do for you today?" Or, "What brings you here today, Mary? How can I help?"
  18. Don't waste time blaming others or yourself. Conversely, don't waste time defending and being defensive. Get on with what works.
  19. Remember the words of the poet Carl Sandburg: "Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you."

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