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Time Management Action Items 61-80

  1. Keep a running log, very free-form, of what you've done. It can save oodles of time and stress when you need to remember something you just did yesterday...or was it the day before last?
  2. Make some form of exercise one of your most important priorities.
  3. Keep a list of your children's friends' telephone numbers in your personal phone book under the name of your child rather than by the name of the friend. "When I need to track down my son," says one woman, "I turn to the letter E for Eddie and there's the list of all his friends with their telephone numbers."
  4. Use the "NOTES" feature in Outlook like you would sticky notes. Notes are all in one neat place, color-coded, dated, printable and ready to be filed. You may have one called Quotes that you keep as a running list of inspiration.
  5. Watch one hour less of TV every day, and use that time to do something more productive.
  6. When you're really in the mood to do work, put in the time to do more work. This way, when you're not in the mood, go out and do something that you enjoy.
  7. The single most powerful time-saving idea is to decide who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. This permits you to choose what to spend time on and to prioritize within those choices. All of the time management and professional organizer stuff in the world won't help until you sort that one out.
  8. A great ally in the time/efficiency battlefield is a (Franklin) calendar/address book. EVERYTHING can be kept there, from bills to be paid, birthdays, email addresses and site passwords, cards to write and notes, as well as appointments and your to-do list. Keeping it all together is the only thing that keeps us from falling apart!
  9. Have separate "work islands" for different types of projects to save set-up/break-down time. Examples: computer station for what has to be done online/keyboard; editing desk for proofreading; off-desk plexi-kiosk for to-be-filed accumulation; bookshelf unit and desk dedicated to only the art-related work.
  10. Make all your telephone calls at one designated time.
  11. Recognize the things or people that cause distraction and avoid them. Don't get side-tracked into one activity to the detriment of others.
  12. A laptop is an incredible efficiency tool! Now you can perform your work anywhere.
  13. Use a relaxation technique each day to limit the amount of time that is spent dealing with anger, stress and negative thinking.
  14. Make time your friend and concentrate on the idea of working with time rather than against it. Then relax! Things won't seem so overwhelming when you're capable of being calm and sorting things out and being more productive.
  15. Buy a diary, whether its paper or electronic doesn't matter, just GET ONE!
  16. Prioritize what you need to do each day into categories: Must do straight away, do within six hours, complete by the end of the day, could wait until tomorrow at the latest, etc.
  17. Use online banking, bill paying, postal services, ticket buying and shopping. Sure beats standing in line and licking stamps.
  18. Buy groceries a week at a time. One trip to the grocery store a week is enough!
  19. Consider each minute as being the crucial minute in which something supremely vital for your project may come about. You'll never waste time again!
  20. Keep a wall calendar on which you rate the previous day's time management efforts on a scale of 1-10. At the end of the month, tally up and divide the days and give yourself a percentage rating which you compare month to month.

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